Top Ten Tips on Healthy Eating Out

Nowadays, working in the business world is the major priority of modern ladies in order to fight for their social and financial status in maintaining their independence and quality of life. Because of their hectic schedules, they often overlook the importance of health, especially on their eating habits. Self -cooking has become a difficult mission for women resulting in a lot of dining out opportunities. Since many fast food outlets and restaurants serve dishes that are nutritionally imbalanced (i.e. high in fat, sugar and salt, low in fiber, vitamins and minerals), long term improper dining out would therefore have a great negative impact on their nutritional status and health.

As dining out is unavoidable for modern ladies, here are some simple tips from the dietitian, helping you to choose the right food when dining out.

1. Do not eat out with an empty stomach
An empty stomach can overtake your conscience in choosing the right foods. So before you dine out, eat a small snack such as a fruit, a cup of low fat yoghurt, or even a piece of whole wheat bread.

2. To begin, choose the right place to eat ¡V Here are some restaurants that have more low fat food choices.

  • Chinese noodles & congee shop
  • Sandwich shop or cafe
  • Japanese restaurants
  • Vietnamese and Thai restaurants
  • Cantonese Cuisine

3. Do not order too much
Ordering too much food could make you feel obligated to clean up the dishes. Order the right amount and choose mainly dishes contains many vegetables.

4. To eat healthy, choose the right cooking methods
Choose dishes that are steamed, poached, grilled, baked, stewed and in soup.

5. Eat more vegetables, less meat.
Choose dishes that consist of vegetables. For example stir-fry chicken fillet with celery or stew beef with tomato sauce. Besides rice, eat at least one bowl of vegetables (less oil) and limit to three ounces of lean meat at each meal (3 ounce equals to the size of a deck of cards).

6. Choose lean meat
Choose mostly lean meat, chicken with no skin, fish and tofu dishes.

7. Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol
Alcohol and sugary drinks such as soft drink, fruit juice, ice tea, sweetened coffee and tea and contain many unnecessary sugary and calories which is bad for your health. You can choose low calorie drinks such as diet soda, lime soda, low sugar green tea, unsweetened ice tea, Chinese tea, and black coffee which virtually have negligible calories.

8. Eat in order
Eat the low fat high fiber food groups first. The order should be: Soup (choose lean meat soup, consomme or vegetable soup) Vegetables Rice Meat or Fish Dessert (best to choose fruit).

9. Eat Slowly
Eating too quickly can lead to over-consumption of food as the ¡§stop-eating¡¨ signal has not yet been turned on, as your body needs at least 20 minutes to give you a satiety feeling to stop you from eating. So, eating slowly can actually help you cut down on calories.

10. Take a 20 minutes walk after dining out
Light exercise can help you to burn the extra calories and also help your digestion.
To avoid dining out at lunch, best is to prepare a simple dish for lunch.

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