Healthy body & mind with a Balanced Diet and Exercises

In order to keep your body in fine condition both physically and mentally, we should not only have a balanced diet but also exercises regularly. Professional athlete, with greater daily energy consumption, requires a different diet from the general. Basically, diet for athlete should be safe, hygienic, fresh and with a great variety. The variety in appearance, aroma and taste of the food can improve the athlete¡¦s appetite and stimulates the digestion and absorption of different nutrients. Besides, athletes specializing in different sports also have different needs on nutrients.


Weight lifting
Track & field

Long run



Carbohydrates provides neccessary calories and energies to athletes. It also maintains the blood glucose level and delays the consumption of glucose, so as to relieve the tiredness from exercising.

Rice, Noodle, Biscuit, Bread, Cake, Banana


Protein is the main component of body muscles. The amino acids in protein can repair the tiny muscular damages caused by vigorous exercises.



Starch, after decomposing into glucose, can polymerise into glycogen and be stored in muscles and liver. When our blood glucose level becomes low, the stored glycogen can quickly decomposed into glucose again and restores the blood glucose level, thus supplying energy and increasing strength of the athletes.

Matured bananas, Sandwich, Energy Bar


Iron and protein are useful substances for stimulating muscle growth and improving muscular strength.


Ferrous citrate

Ferrous citrate can stimulate the synthesis of polysaccharide, when the glucose converted from polysaccharide provides the energy needed for exercising.

Orange, Grapefruit

Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Fatty acids can reduce the muscular pain caused by heavy exercises and trainings.

Salmon Fisn



Protein is the main component of body muscles. It is very important for the growth, metabolism and repair of muscles.


Carbohydrates is the most important and ideal source of energy in our daily diet. It turns into glucose after metabolism. Carbohydrates is very important to maintain the blood glucose in our body at an optimum level and provide necessary energies to our brain. Besides, it can also be converted in glycogen and stored in our body muscles. To ensure a rich energy bank, athletes can increase their glucose reserve by taking in food rich in carbohydrates.

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