Kid’s lunchbox

“3 servings of rice and noodles, 2 servings of vegetables, 1 serving of meat” is the indicator of a healthy lunchbox. However, in order to reduce cost and explicitly accommodate the taste of kids being fond of deep fried food, sweets and meat, school caterers use a lot of unhealthy ingredients that are processed and preserved or have trans fat, saturated fat, high sugar content, etc. when preparing lunchbox.


During school-attending age, kids spend over half of the time at school. If they do not eat well for lunch, this not only would affect their emotions, but would also hinder their growth and affect their learning performance in long term, which parents should not overlook. For example, if excess sugar is taken in during lunch, blood sugar level will lower in the afternoon, making kids tired, less concentrated and have poorer memory. A healthy and nutritious lunchbox should have 4/5-1 bowl of rice, mixing with red rice / brown rice can increase the intake of dietary fibers and calories. The standard serving of vegetables should be at least half bowl of cooked leafy vegetables / mushrooms / gourds; while meat should be 4 pieces of meat or 1 piece of egg only.


Today, most parents need to go to work and they may not have time to prepare lunchbox for their children; but we should choose those relatively balanced choices among those provided by the caterers, avoiding the accumulation of bad effects on children brought by bad eating habits that leads to obesity and other diseases. If you have time, try to prepare a healthy and delicious lunch with friuts for your children. 


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