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Bamboo shoot has high content of potassium which people with kidney disease should avoid eating too much

A bowl of bamboo shoots has dietary fibers equivalent to half cup of oatmeal, as well as provides 25% of daily potassium intake and is good for heart health. Due to its high content of potassium, people with kidney disease should avoid eating too much.

Today's Tip
Skinless ducks and geese are blood replenishing and healthy

Ducks and geese are poultry red meats and have higher iron content than chickens, which can replenish blood. Remember to remove the skins for healthier eating.

Today's Tip
Red wine is anti-aging and prevents brain degeneration

Red wine contains anti-oxidants resveratrol and OPC, which have the functions of anti-aging, preventing brain degeneration and cardiovascular diseases. Daily intake should be limited to half to one glass.

Today's Tip
Eating shrimps healthily

Shrimps have higher cholesterol content than fish and so eat only once or twice a week. Cook by poaching, pan-frying with less oil, stir-frying or grilling to retain the taste and eat healthier.

Today's Tip
Difference between Chinese and foreign pumpkins

Chinese pumpkins are mildly sweet and silky; while Japanese pumpkins are sweeter and harder. The former is suitable for making soup and stew, with the latter stir-frying or grilling.

  • Frozen shrimps are as good as fresh shrimps
  • Size comparison of fresh shrimps
  • Substitute soy abalone for meat
  • Difference between Chinese and foreign pumpkins
  • Better buy meat to mince than minced meat
  • Use only egg white for steamed egg
  • Add fruit juice when cooking
  • Fed up with chicken?
  • Chicken drumsticks are healthier than chicken wings
  • Canned fruits are high in nutritional value
  • Fishes rich in fish oil are the best for grilling
  • Bean curd from market is better than packed bean curd
  • How to select fresh fish
  • How to select fresh shrimps
  • How to select scallop
  • Picking leafy vegetables
  • Definition of nice mushrooms
  • Picking pork
  • Two chopping boards
  • Bean curd and dace is a good match
  • Method to retain cooked eggplant in shape
  • Pay attention to handling canned vegetables
  • Eating chicken wings in a healthier way
  • Water must be wiped off from sole fillet
  • Meat will become tough if salt is added to marinade
  • Preservation of mushrooms
  • Blanch before stir-frying seafood
  • Method to remove peculiar taste of frozen meat
  • Pan-frying fish with less oil
  • Steamed eggplant is healthier
  • Tips for pan-frying fish fillet
  • Tips for cola chicken pot
  • Chiu-chow soyed meat is easy to made
  • Tips to grilling mushrooms
  • Grilling chicken steak has lots of benefits
  • Tips for steaming fish
  • Tips for pan-frying fish
  • Keep stir-fried vegetables green
  • New cooking ideas of Plum Sauce
  • XO Sauce and hot pot
  • Sa Cha Sauce and beef
  • Savoring Satay Sauce
  • Sesame Oil with vegetables
  • Multi-purposes Shrimp Sauce
  • All Purpose Marinade with Herbs as cold noodles sauce
  • Chicken Marinade not only use for soy sauce chicken
  • Chinese Marinade as marinade
  • Oyster Sauce surprisingly matches with red wine sauce
  • Chicken Marinade as sauce mix
  • Use Oyster Sauce to make BBQ sauce
  • Making low-fat Portuguese Sauce
  • Multi-functional Shrimp Sauce
  • Mushrooms can strengthen immune system
  • Potatoes are good for you
  • Pine nuts prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Scallops strengthen bones
  • Asparagus is beneficial to expectant mothers
  • Beef gives you a face with ruddy health
  • Red meats stimulate the production of blood cells
  • Yam bundles is full of benefits
  • Onions are heart-protecting and prevent cancers
  • Chicken helps pacify emotions
  • Eating shrimps healthily
  • Eating scallops regularly is good for health
  • Eating bean curd can prevent coronary heart disease
  • Garlic strengthens immune system
  • Red bell pepper can prevent cold
  • Potato is the best choice of nutrition supplement
  • Shrimps are rich in nutrition
  • Refreshing and healthy cucumber
  • Bean curd is rich in calcium
  • Drink lots of water when eating food rich in dietary fibers
  • Ostrich meat is healthier that beef
  • Remove the skin when eating chicken
  • Crab meat reduces tiredness
  • Eating bean products regularly can reduce vascular sclerosis
  • Red wine is anti-aging and prevents brain degeneration
  • Green bell pepper helps to protect eyesight
  • People on diet need to eat meat as well
  • Nuts help to lower blood pressure
  • Ginkgo keeps our head clear
  • Crab meat has plenty of protein and minerals
  • Two types of iron
  • Abalone is a healthy choice of seafood
  • Red chili can strengthen immune system
  • Seafood promotes wound healing
  • Bamboo fungus helps to facilitate excretion and lower lipidaemic level
  • Expectant mothers should eat more dark green vegetables
  • Multi-functional asparagus
  • Add oil when cooking pumpkins
  • Skinless ducks and geese are blood replenishing and healthy
  • Pumpkins and diabetics
  • Ham and yam bundles form a balanced diet
  • Nutrition of bean curd is as good as that of meat
  • Women in menopause should eat more bean curd
  • Dried scallops are good for health and can replace meat
  • Replacing vermicelli for rice reduces caloric capacity
  • People on diet should replace white meat for red meat
  • Eating lychees regularly enhances skin health
  • Egg tofu suits the needs of children
  • Broccoli and cauliflower can strengthen immune system
  • Mushrooms are beneficial to intestinal health
  • People with high uric acid level should eat fewer mushrooms
  • Purple-blue vegetables help to enhance smooth circulation of blood and lower blood pressure
  • Both garlic shoot and garlic have anti-oxidant and can prevent cancers
  • Men should eat more red fruits and vegetables
  • Snow fungus and black fungus have high content of water soluble dietary fibers
  • Omega-3 helps to prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Avoid drinking strong tea or coffee for absorbance of iron
  • Black and white sesames have lots of benefits
  • Pork helps to maintain metabolism
  • Egg helps to prevent sight problems
  • Eat green onion to cure cold
  • Bud chive protects eyesight and improves blood pressure
  • Snow fungus and cloud black fungus have plenty of collagen
  • Bamboo shoot has high content of potassium which people with kidney disease should avoid eating too much
  • Asparagus promotes proliferation of intestinal probiotics

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